95% of all diabetic people around the world.

95% of diabetic patients rely on pens and syringes, which are described as the most burdensome treatment.
And since adherence to prescribed insulin therapy is greatly affected by the burden associated with the treatment itself, we re-designed the Multiple Daily Injection (MDI) therapy to make it an all new, simplified experience that significantly enhances therapy outcome.

Coping with diabetes using either pens or syringes.

Injecting insulin is an uncomfortable and stressful process that considerably affects the quality of life of diabetic patients. It involves several obtrusive preparation steps. And since it can occasionally prompt a reaction in others, it generates a significant reluctance to self-inject insulin in public.
In addition, injecting a child with insulin is probably one of the biggest challenges parents face.

Introducing a revolutionary insulin delivery system.

Our integrated insulin delivery system eliminates all of the complicating factors associated with insulin pens or syringes. Thanks to its enhanced usability, it encourages correct treatment follow-up and fosters the incorporation of positive behaviours regarding correct drug treatment compliance.

A system to discreetly administer your insulin doses.

Our system comprises two devices, a hand-held controller and a disposable patch device. By contactlessly transferring the energy from the hand-held unit to the patch device, we managed to develop a drug delivery system that is so small and lightweight. And yet it does so much more compared to insulin pens and syringes with absolutely no additional costs.
While the disposable patch device rests on your body and under your clothes for about 3 days, the hand-held controller allows you to select the required insulin doses and deliver the medicament by simply placing it onto the patch device.

Easy to learn. Easy to use.

With no changes to the therapeutic regimen whatsoever and a thorough user-centred design, Medirio's drug delivery system provides the simplest way to administer insulin doses in just 3 easy steps:

  1. Dose selection

    Select the required dose.

    While the disposable patch device is attached to the body, just select your required insulin doses on the interface of the hand-held unit.

  2. Device positioning

    Place the hand-held unit over the patch device.

    Once the correct doses have been selected, place the hand-held unit on top of the patch device.
    Actually, you won't even need to move your clothes: the system will just work while magnets will help you align the two devices.

  3. Dose delivery

    Wait for the dose to be delivered.

    Now all you need to do is wait a few seconds for the hand-held controller to give the patch device the energy to deliver your insulin doses.
    Injecting insulin is as easy as that.

Additional features and services.

As diaries are used to inform decisions about the therapy, we understand that capturing data is a key step in improving patient outcomes and therapy adjustments. But manually tracking data regarding the treatment can be overwhelming:
Our hand-held controller is a powerful tool for all diabetic people to manage and control their treatment via automatic therapy records that are stored on the device and shared via wireless connectivity.