Bringing long-sought innovation to the insulin pen market.

We are working on a new, revolutionary drug delivery system:
A unique product allowing every insulin pen user to manage insulin injections in an easier, discreet and more comfortable way. And it all comes with no additional burden to the healthcare system.

Optimising therapy adherence and outcome.

A medical device which significantly improves both efficiency and therapy control, together with a fresh new user experience which eases and simplifies the medication‑related action plan.

Main features.

A simple yet secure and reliable device that offers functionalities and services pens cannot offer and that are typically associated with more expensive therapies such as pump-based treatments.

  • Discreet.

    Small and lightweight.

    We made so that no heavy components are required within the patch device.
    And we managed to create a technology that is lightweight, that fits in a small space and that contactlessly works through the clothing.
    No one will notice.

  • Comfortable.

    No more than one prick every three days.

    Your therapy regime won't change at all. The delivery of insulin doses will be effortless, though.
    It'll be just as simple as picking up the phone while our system will automatically keep therapy records and support your decisions.
    You no longer have to worry.

  • No additional costs.

    More services at pen's cost.

    Capturing and monitoring data couldn't be easier.
    Now you can seamlessly and securely share them with people who care or forward them to your doctor.
    And it all comes at the price of insulin pen therapy.

  • Safe.

    No vulnerabilities for this medical device.

    While energy is transmitted from the hand-held controller to the patch device, we made sure that nothing will ever interfere with or hack your therapy.
    You have full control.